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    September 28, 2009


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    Cheryl Ramsay

    This whole concept is sooo true, and hearing the message yesterday at church reminded me that I need to spend less time on the computer and watching TV, etc. and more time with God, Micah, and Dave!
    Also, Dave and I are glad that you (Pastor Eric) are changing your direction in order to fulfill God's purpose for you and your family! But we will miss you guys terribly!!!!!

    Ken Beatty

    Self examination is so critical here. But so often we rationalize and justify out of any opportunity to change. ADDD is an opportunity to change. To pay attention to God's Calling, we need committed friends that would give honest and truthful assessments on our decisions and the direction we're heading and take that information to God and honestly ask for his assessment.


    sure could have used being hit on the head w/that sign post today Pastor Eric!!! Thanks Ken - you're right - time for self examination, and letting the Holy Spirit hammer me as needed (cuz He always encourages and comforts while HE is hammering) Cheryl - thanks for sharing your example of your examination. Time for me to WAKE UP AND PAY ATTENTION.!!!

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