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    September 26, 2009


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    sometimes i feel like i'm starving, longing soo much to be with Jesus, to sit at His feet, to be held in His arms; for Him to change me into His image - oh just to be w/Him more than is possible on this side. No, not hungry; famished!
    Clinging to that scripture because that means He will bring it to pass


    Have you ever been really hungry but too busy to stop and eat? And then, by the time you have time to eat you're not hungry anymore? I get that way with God. I'm challenged and charged on sundays, hungry for change from/by/through/with God. But by the time I get into the work week, I'm too busy to be hungry. And at the end of the work day I'm too tired to "eat". Things have got to change...taking it one day at a time.

    Cheryl Ramsay

    "I wonder if sometimes we fill up on so many other things that we're not...really...hungry...for God."
    I have been guilty of this and it is such a great way of putting it! We get to a point sometimes where we're so busy or things are going so great in our life that we forget who made those things great. I sometimes forget to spend time with God when things are going great and nothing is going wrong. But thankfully, God sends me reminders, because I hate when I do that!

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