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    October 05, 2009


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    Yesterday was GREAT! We so often think of demons as benign little horned creatures and don't think of how their leader is set on seeking, killing, and destroying by any and all means possible.

    Ephesians 1 I have lots of thoughts on, but I really like vs. 7--I am marked with His seal--that's empowering! So in light of that how will I go out to battle? I have the most powerful weapon in heaven and Earth backing me up. Not to say that I won't have to do my share of spiritual combat, His seal is no free pass. Having God's seal should give me boldness and peace, knowing who holds me up, who will fight for me, and who's got my back no matter what.

    You rock Babe! And thanks for allowing God to rock you so that you can share such powerful passionate stuff.

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