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    December 12, 2009


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    Benjamin Bachman

    I would second the no tights thing!!!!

    Good stuff. Sometimes I wish my actions we be more clear as to what I believe. Maybe I should get my heart and brain aligned! That should probably be step one!


    It was a great performance. Our 5yo kept saying "that was beautiful" after the professional ballerina would dance. Even at 5 she can notice something different when the one who trains consistently, works hard, is disciplined, and shows incredible control when they dance has performed. I'm glad God still says, "That was beautiful!" even when I may falter in trying, I'm not very strong, or I just plain old fall flat on my face. And then He'll encourage me to try again.

    And actually, you CAN dance. When was our last spin around the kitchen? I think we're due for another. I'll cue Frank.

    Eric Miller

    Thanks for commenting Benjamin, and for seconding the no tights thing! :)

    Great insights Stephanie. Im now thinking about God saying that was beautiful when we try our best to tell the story. So true. Great thoughts.

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