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    June 15, 2010


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    Well Babe, I'm finally glad you realized I'm a saint!!

    Spot on! As Christ-followers I think sometimes we're not walking or living in the light of our Savior. We're too busy being down-trodden and wallowing in our sin to lift our gaze to the One who saves us from all that we are and would be without Him.


    Very well said! Love the 'lift our gaze to the One who saves us' phrase! Besides all of that, to live with me, you MUST be a saint!


    Hope you don't mind my 2 cents on this. I have found in my experience that those who are content in their sinful living use the ' I'm a sinner saved by grace' as an excuse, to rationalize their behavior.Yeah,. I'm a saint. Time to step it up another notch ! Thanks for another great blog P.E.

    Eric Miller

    Thanks for your 2 cents Elayn. I think youre right - it definitely sets the expectation at Im going to sin all the time anyway, so, you know, thats just they way it is rather than hey, Christ has made me holy - what an incredible thing! I want to honor Him by living up to that they best I possibly can!
    Thanks for commenting!

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