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    April 10, 2011


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    John J. Myers

    Hey Pastor Eric,
    I remember those early years when you first started to pastor our church, "Whoa" even I doubted!! Just kidding!

    What I am shore of is that I am a better man for knowing you. You taught me not to depend on you but to trust in Jesus. You taught me about priorities and the importance of family. You taught me that wisdom can be learned and developed. You taught me to speak my mind and not to have simply wished I did and even how to do that in love. You even taught me about love when I didn't believe there was any inside me. You taught me that God will make a way, just look to Him. You taught by word and by your example. You pulled no punches! For that I am grateful!

    Although rarely mentioned in lists of leadership qualities; I believe great leadership can be measured in what we impart to others and you sir have given me much!!

    Your friend, John

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