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    November 05, 2011


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    So motivating! You're an incredible Chaplain. No wonder ltc doesn't want you being snagged up by another bgd! Now go shake up that af;)

    Robert C. Miller

    Great sermonette son, it's great to know that all we are and ever hope to be is because of HIM. Our God sure is an awesome God, Yes He is!!!!!! Received your Free Mail card today. I can sure identily with the feeling of holding something tangable in my hand from a loved one. Thank You so much. Love & Prayers Dad

    Robert Miller

    Hi , Son, Sorry I'm a little late, but I want to tell you how much I appreciate your service to our country on this veterans. You are a double blessing, as a veteran of the Marine Corps (Happy 236th Birthday) I believe that's what I saw on T.V. yesterday, as well as being on duty as I write this e-mail. Thank You My Son. Love & Prayers from McClenny, Florida. 9:17 Pm Friday 11/11/11

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