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    December 27, 2011


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    Checking this while sitting in traffic. You write some good stuff. When you planning to write outside the lines of this blog??

    Robert C. Miller

    You made me laugh during this windy rainy day,son. I can sure idnetify with the falling over of Tigger. Just to give you a for instance just yesterday as I am trying to get just a little bit more of garbage in the trash can by inserting my # 7 1/2 shoe in the can and I lost my balance. other legg goes up knocks the bowl of apples to the floor and I make a quick recovery, at least I think that's what happened. Up again on my feet and on to the next adventure. Happy New YeaGreat picture of you and COMBAT CLAUSE

    John Myers

    Hey Pastor Eric,

    I am such a Tigger! and in so many ways! Always falling down is definately one of them! Nice to know I have friends around me to help me to my feet again!
    Thank you my friend, Johnny

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